The Dan and Kody Podcast

Bond Touch Bracelet & Gabrielle Union Uber & Perfume/Cologne Description & Human Anatomy

Episode Summary

2020 is here and Dan and Kody are looking at ringing in the New Year!! Recap of last week... Dan and Kody hit the week strong with a piece of technology could keep them bonded no matter where they may be in the world, The Bond Bracelet. A bracelet created to let your significant friend, lover, or family member know you are thinking about them, with one little swipe. Next on the docket is the poor judgement Gabrielle Union made with one inconsiderate Uber driver. If you were to describe your perfect cologne, what would be your words? Dan and Kody provide you with theirs and lastly Dan proposes the question as to whether or not a teacher wearing a morph suit with the insides of a person printed on it is wrong wear in order to help explain anatomy to their class. This and a little more on this weeks Dan and Kody Podcast!

Episode Notes


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