The Dan and Kody Podcast

Childhood Rules & Frozen Murder Update & $1300 Bassinet & Tortal Love

Episode Summary

On This Weeks Episode of Dan and Kody... Dan comes clean and expresses his new found love of The Jonas Brothers, all while Kody describes Dan as "Cool Guy" leading both fellas down a conversation about how cool is Brad Pitt? But the adventure only begins there. Dan and Kody discuss the cost of new found Baby Tech at CES as well as the partnership between Uber and Hyundai, (How do you say it?). Dan follows up our Tech conversation about the weird rules we would experience as Children. Did you experience any weird rules...ex. "no ice cream until you finished cleaning your siblings teeth" We close out the podcast with a crazed sex Tortoise named Diego, an update on a frozen body in Utah and a proposal that seems a bit "animated." All This on this weeks Dan and Kody Podcast.

Episode Notes


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