The Dan and Kody Podcast

Dan's Return & Bloodless Cattle & 3d Printed Homes & Jeremy Renner Gun Play & Flu Vaccine

Episode Summary

EPISODE SUMMARY Episode 188! Dan's Majestic return has finally come. After spending several weeks abroad, Dan sneaks up on Kody providing a reunion that neither of them would have thought TASTED this good. Dan and Kody hit the conversation off hard with a deep dive into Dan's experiences in London and how his return was filled with a sickness he couldn't pin point, but wanted to blame his choice to avoid the Flu Vaccine as a means to avoid a government genocide. Kody and Dan hit on a mysterious string of Cattle murders followed by Dans fascination with Small houses that could be created by 3d Printed. All of which is put together with this weeks most deadly TRUE CRIME...The Gun Play of Jeremy Renner or you could argue his new music! Check out this weeks DAN AND KODY PODCAST! Email us - Contribute to the podcast! Patreon - Follow us on social media - @DanKodyPodcast ! Join our Facebook Group - Facebook - Dan & Kody Podcast Twitter - Dan & Kody Podcast Instagram - Kody Twitter - Dan Twitter - More ways to listen! Apple Podcasts - Spotify - Google Podcasts - iHeart Radio - Stitcher - Radio Public - Youtube - Our Sponsors! JC Room Blocks - Prop Store -