The Dan and Kody Podcast

Mountain Dew After 30, Hymen Check, Treadmills, Death by Dane, Popeyes Finale

Episode Summary

Episode 191 - How much Mountain Dew have you enjoyed in your life? Now ask yourself that same question when you turn 35...You may notice the number drops. Dan and Kody enjoy a delightful Dew for the cast. Both jump right into a conversation about your parents old vacuum cleaners and how they dont build them like the Kirby's of old. Dan and Kody reflect on their weekend adventure to Dick Sports where Dan makes a commiment to himself and to Dick Sports, followed by our finale to Dan's adventure into experiencing the infamous Popeyes Chicken Sandwhich and the aftermath of its release. All of this and more in this weeks episode of The Dan and Kody Podcast. **Email us** - **Contribute to the podcast!** **Patreon** - **Follow us on social media** - @DanKodyPodcast ! **Join our Facebook Group** - **Facebook** - **Dan & Kody Podcast Twitter** - **Dan & Kody Podcast Instagram** - **Kody Twitter** - **Dan Twitter** - More ways to listen! **Apple Podcasts** - **Spotify ** - **Google Podcasts** - **iHeart Radio** - **Stitcher** - **Radio Public** - **Youtube ** - Our Sponsors! **JC Room Blocks** - **Prop Store** -