The Dan and Kody Podcast

Nougat & You & Disney+ Featuring Blank Check & Acid Murder & Anti-California

Episode Summary

Episode 192 - Dan enjoys a delicious Three Musketeer and the Nougat Adventure Begins. Kody and Dan ponder the existence of a Mars Bar and they find themselves discussing the quality of museums in London. Both Dan and Kody highlight their feelings in regards to Disney+ but it sounds like Dan has Disney+ for one purpose and that is the early 90's feature film Blank Check. Kody presents a True Crime that will turn your stomach and make you gasp that the people who committed the crime got away with murder. While Dan highlights his Champion of the week, a Hotel employee who was locked down for 32 hours during a hurricane helping people. Dan finishes of the week asking Kody if the Anti-California vibe is strong in the great State of Idaho. All of this and more in this weeks episode of The Dan and Kody Podcast. **Email us** - **Contribute to the podcast!** **Patreon** - **Follow us on social media** - @DanKodyPodcast ! **Join our Facebook Group** - **Facebook** - **Dan & Kody Podcast Twitter** - **Dan & Kody Podcast Instagram** - **Kody Twitter** - **Dan Twitter** - More ways to listen! **Apple Podcasts** - **Spotify ** - **Google Podcasts** - **iHeart Radio** - **Stitcher** - **Radio Public** - **Youtube ** - Our Sponsors! **JC Room Blocks** - **Prop Store** -