The Dan and Kody Podcast

Scorsese Beef & Elf On The Shelf & IceBoxed Lover & HIV Vaccine?

Episode Summary

Episode 194 - IrishMan & Elf On The Shelf & IceBoxed Lover & HIV Vaccine? After a Week of stuffing their faces Dan and Kody come together to battle the Thanksgiving hangover. Starting off this week Dan and Kody discuss Kody's disconnection to being thrilled by movies. His sadness affects Dan to the moment where Dan's anger is palpable. Dan decides to lash out on the only person he can, Martin Scorsese. Dan and Kody Highlight last weeks Mark McGrath conversation and begin to pontificating on how blurry the lines for Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals have become. What is the better day to shop? Where are the best deals? Kody stumbles on an article about how HIV may be finally getting a working Vaccine. Dan and Kody's True Crime may be too cold to handle and propose the question, "When can we put love on ice?" Dan and Kody finish off the week discussing how Retirement should be free and "Mucklunkey." This and More on This weeks episode of The Dan And Kody Podcast.

Episode Notes


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