The Dan and Kody Podcast

Sugar Ray'ed & T.I. Confronted & Foreskin Coverup & The Thankful Nugget

Episode Summary

Episode 193 - The Holiday Season is upon and Dan and Kody have what you need! A Brand New Episode of The Dan and Kody Podcast. This week features a follow up to a previous conversation from several weeks ago. It seems that Jada Smith has had a sit down conversation with the Hymen Checker himself, T.I.. Followed by an intense conversation about a service called CAMEO. Where spending money to have one of your favorite celebrities send you a voice mail. The real kicker is when you have Mark McGrath from Sugar Ray send a break up voicemail to your partner. We highlight a Mcdonalds employee for our Champion of the Week and highlight a criminals choice to hide his cocaine in a place that wasn't the butt. All of this and more in this weeks episode of The Dan and Kody Podcast.

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